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Hospitality, Tourism & Recreation

Culinary Arts Program
Chef Assistant
This competency-based course provides entry-level and intermediate training to enable a graduate to qualify as a catering assistant, institutional and restaurant apprentice cook, and other positions that require first-hand knowledge and experience in food service. Students are exposed to “prep” cooking, presentation, and storage in various food categories, with hands-on procedures and classroom theory.

Baker (Fundamentals)
This competency-based course contains entry-level training, enabling graduates to qualify for first year apprentice positions in the  commercial baking industry. Students are exposed to hands-on production procedures including scaling, mixing, make-up, baking, finishing, and merchandising of commercial baking products.
This competency-based course provides students with project-based learning experiences in catering. Technical instruction includes an orientation, safety and sanitation, weights and measures, tools and equipment, food garnishing and presentation, cooking techniques, ingredients, resource management, budget expense and control, employability skills and labor management. Emphasis is placed on the preparatory and presentation techniques used for the following: meats including seafood; cheese; eggs; vegetables; grains; herbs; fruit; salad dressings, dips, spreads and marinades; stocks and soups; sauces; patés and terrines; condiments, nuts, seeds, olives, pickles and relishes; milk and soy products; and pasta. It also covers the preparatory and presentation techniques used for vegetarian dishes, sandwiches, hors d'oeuvres, and breakfast.